Ner-D: Introductions

As some of you may already know, I am currently a grad student working on her Master’s of Science in Education. This is the primary consumer of my time and energy. Though in the end, it will be worth it — I hope!

All in all, I do find the subject matter interesting. My concentration is in TESOL, which means I get to study a lot of theories on the pedagogy of language education. It’s a topic I find particularly fascinating — and I’d hope so, since teaching English is my current occupation!

I don’t have the best studying habits, I have to say, and I am feeling the pressure of having attended classes regularly since January since I took classes during both summer sessions instead of taking a summer break. Additionally, I have decided to opt out of a lot of social activities to focus on school this time around and try to stay on top of the assignments. All work and no play…

I would say I have been somewhat successful.

Well, in an attempt to get me to write more regularly, I’ve decided to start a new thing. I have loads I can ramble on about language learning, and I may as well blab on about it here. It’s not like I’m doing much travel these days, so I suppose the next best thing would be to share the ideas and interesting research I’ve been coming across. It really is pretty cool — if you’re into that kind of thing anyway. By that kind of thing, I mean language learning processes and teaching pedagogy, etcetera etcetera.

Maybe it’s not so interesting. But hey, you can always skip these ner-D posts. Ha, ner-D! Nerdy!  

I crack myself up.

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