On homework

Ok, I am feeling SUPER unmotivated right now. I have spent the last couple of hours typing maybe a total of 20 words for my homework assignment, and staring off into the distance for the rest of it.

Makes it a little awkward for the people sitting across from me at this communal desk. I’m at Starbucks.

This normally is a super productive environment for me. It’s just that I feel so uninspired. Funnily enough, the homework is on motivation. Well, my usual techniques don’t seem to be particularly effective today.

I give up. 

I going to switch gears and work on something not M.S. Ed. related and more interesting-for-this-blog related. It’s something I have been planning to do for awhile — years, in fact — though I could never quite get my ish together. No more procrastinating!


Pointless post. Pointless day. We all need one every now and again.

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