Getting Back on Track

I am the worst.

No, no excuses this time. Let me just sum up 2017 so far.


AJ visits!

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I took the week off and we went around the Kansai area, though I did end up sending him off to Kyoto all by his lonesome since I had a weekend seminar that coincided with his visit. It was pretty cold, but I finally got to see Himeji Castle and wandered around Kobe for a bit.


I presented at a colloquium in Tokyo. Yay academic stuff! Also, caught my friend James during his brief stopover in Japan. We went out to Roppongi and I proceeded to get into a drunken argument with the bartender about how Osaka has better food. I clearly speak better Japanese when intoxicated.

Oh, and AJ came to visit for my birthday!



Pretty uneventful. I started running? Zombies run is the best app.


Parents came to visit!

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I unfortunately could not take time off of work since I was just starting at a couple of new schools, but we were still able to go to Hiroshima/Miyajima for a weekend, and then up to Tokyo/Hakone for the following weekend.


Malaysia with Issi!

I needed to get out. Just… out. Super lazy trip, nothing but food and beach and sleep. And drinks, of course.

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Far plane

Oh boy. This event. I guess I should add a NSFW tag to this post. How do I describe it? There is a BDSM themed bar here in Osaka and they put together a BDSM themed party event at least once a year? It was fun!

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Also, Issi came to visit me! We didn’t take enough pictures though. And I failed to steal her passport, so unfortunately she was able to escape back to Korea.


Molly arrived! She lives in rural Kyoto though. Still, she’s in Japan now. Hooray!

Also, I finally wore my yukata! Hooray, summer matsuri!

Ok with that done, I should be caught up. I know it’s just a photo dump and quick summary, but I’ll never get to the backlog of entries I already have. I may as well give myself a fighting chance at keeping this blog updated.

Hopefully, I’ll update again soon!

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