Retro Detour

So you know how sometimes a song gets half stuck in your head? Like, you can’t quite pull up the melody or the lyrics, and can only dream of ever coming up with the name of the song?

Well, yeah. I pored through youtube — more than I usually do anyways — in search of the video that turned me on to the song in the first place, but unfortunately, it seems to have been taken down. Aw, shucks.

Not a total loss, though. Look what I found!

So, back in 2015 when I had just arrived in Japan, the Japan-America Society of Osaka and Kansai University held a Japanese culture workshop. It was free to enter and you got to visit all kinds of booths to learn about Japanese culture. I got to play the Japanese drums, do calligraphy, participate in a tea ceremony, and per the video above, practice samurai sword fighting.

It’s a pretty awesome event — and I think they do it yearly? I can’t seem to find details about any upcoming one, but maybe if you keep an eye on their website, something will come up.

Anyway, I hope to go again sometime.

Oh, and in recent news, I finally have a new computer! I built it myself!

It glows blue!

What this means is I should finally be able to make videos and other stuff that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. Hooray!

So, more soon – hopefully!

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