About Detours

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If someone were to tell me ten years ago that I would become a teacher, much less a restless wanderer, I would have had my doubts as to their sanity. Nevertheless, back in 2010, when given the opportunity to travel halfway around the world to teach English in South Korea, I barely hesitated. Given, I was supposed to return in a year or two, but I can’t imagine following the straight and narrow anymore.

I question the idea that the adventure has to end some day. It’s a different path than most take, for sure. However, I do not believe in doing things simply because it’s what most people do, it’s what’s done. Our lives are our own — what other meaning is there than to use it for the pursuit of happiness, whatever that may be?

The road less traveled may be a bit lonely, but for the person that I have become while walking it — I would have done it no differently.

I like new experiences. I like adventure. I am fairly gifted with languages and I fancy myself a writer at the best of times, a raging alcoholic at the worst. The world is so big, yet so small — and it is my goal to see as much of it as possible while I’m alive. Keep track of me, ok? That way, I’ll never really get lost.